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catalogue of L.M.Montgomery books
updated 14th May 2016

Books about Anne of Green Gables, Emily of New Moon, Sara Stanley the Story Girl and the other enchanting heroines of Prince Edward Island are still widely read by fans old and new.

Anne has been a favourite since her first appearance in 1908 - nearly 100 years.
We watch her grow from the red-haired little girl looking for love and acceptance to a beautiful young woman and a wise and loving mother.

Books are catalogued in editions - to make it easier for those collecting their books in a certain edition.
So every "Anne of Green Gables" is LMM01 followed by a code denoting its edition.

Angus & Robertson Aust. 1950s,60s hardbacks (HB) with yellow boards stamped with red Annes & pretty dust jackets

LMM02/HB01 Anne of Avonlea 1955 dj gd/gd, name $8.00

A&R 1970s, 80s hardbacks with glazed pictorial boards - laminated boards (LB) - no dj (as published)

LMM07/LB01 Anne's House of Dreams 1985 lb vg/-- $8
LMM06/LB01 Anne of Windy Willows lb gd/-- name, $8
LMM045 The Story Girl no date hb VG/--, pencil name & address on fep. Sara Stanley enthralls her listeners with her sparkling stories. $6

A&R Bluegum (BG) series 1990s hb with glazed pictorial boards and a white spine, no dj (as published)

LMM02/BG01 Anne of Avonlea 1985 lb gd/-- $6
LMM06/BG01 Anne of Windy Willows 1 vg/-- $10
LMM19/BG01 Emily Climbs 1991 lb vg/-- $12.00



A&R Bluegum series 1980s, 90s paperbacks (BP) with white spine

LMM01/BP01 Anne of Green Gables 1987 pb GD/--, gold dot covers old price, slight dogears $6
LMM03/BP01 Chronicles of Avonlea 1987 pb vg/-- $6
LMM05/BP02 Anne of the Island 1987 pb vg/--, name $6
LMM18/BP02 Emily's Quest 1987 pb vg/-- $10.00



newer paperbacks

LMM09/pb Rainbow Valley Bantam 1992 pb GD/--
Anne's six children play at Ingleside and find their places in the world of Prince Edward Island. $8

LMM10/pb Rilla of Ingleside Bantam 1998 GD/--
Rilla, Anne's youngest, has grown into an enchanting fifteen-year-old, on the brink of woman hood. But war intervenes. $8

LMM043 Magic for Marigold Bantam 1989 pb GD/--
Another delightful, imaginative heroine - Marigold Lesley of Cloud of Spruce, Harmony. Love the place-names! $10