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catalogue of 'Little House' books
updated 20th April 2016

written by Laura Ingalls Wilders and others
about 5 generations of her family's experiences

Laura Ingalls Wilder

was born in 1867 in the log cabin described in Little House in the Big Woods.
She and her family travelled by covered wagon across the Midwest in the hope of a better life. It was a hard life but Laura wrote about her childhood with love and humour - and a great sense of the importance of family.

For millions of readers Laura lives on forever
as the little pioneer girl in the beloved Little House books.

Because the series is so popular
the publishers commissioned other authors to write in her style
about her ancestors and daughter so now we have:

The Martha Years - Laura's great-grandmother
The Charlotte Years - Laura's grandmother
The Caroline Years - Laura's mother
The Laura Years - original Little House on the Prairie series
The Rose Years - Laura's daughter


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by Laura Ingalls Wilder:
illustrated by Garth Williams (original & best)

#1 Little House in the Big Woods:
Pa, Ma, Mary, Laura, and Baby Carrie live in a log cabin in the big woods near Pepin, Wisconsin, in the 1870s.
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#2 Farmer Boy:
The story of Almanzo Wilder—Laura's father—and his boyhood growing up on a farm near Malone, New York.
LAU2/1 HarperTrophy 1971 NEW $6

#3 Little House on the Prairie:
The Ingallses leave their cabin in the big woods and travel by covered wagon to Kansas Territory where they accidentally settle on land belonging to the Osago Indians.
HarperTrophy 2007, revised for modern reader, photo cover. $6

#4 On the Banks of Plum Creek:
The Ingallses move to a farm near Walnut Grove, Minnesota, where they live in a dugout until Pa borrows money to build a frame house for the family.

#5 By the Shores of Silver Lake:
After grasshoppers destroy their wheat crop, the Ingallses sell their farm in Minnesota and move to Dakota Territory where Pa gets a job working for the railroad.

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#6 The Long Winter:
During the hard winter of 1880-1881, the Ingallses move into their store building in De Smet, South Dakota. When the supply trains stop running, the family must survive with little food and no coal.

#7 Little Town on the Prairie:
In the little town on the Dakota prairie, Laura attends socials and “literaries” and studies to become a teacher so she can earn money to send her sister, Mary, to a college for the blind in Iowa.

LAU7/2 HarperTrophy 2007, revised for modern reader, photo cover. $6

#8 These Happy Golden Years:
Laura teaches at Brewster School, twelve miles from De Smet. Every Friday Almanzo Wilder arrives at the school to take her home.
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#9 The First Four Years:
Almanzo and Laura begin their married life on a homestead near De Smet and their daughter, Rose, is born. Each year brings many hardships but Almanzo and Laura never lose their courage and determination.

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Searching for Laura Ingalls - A Reader's Journey by Kathryn Lasky & Meribah Knight, photographs by Christopher G. Knight
1993 Macmillan NY hb with dj VG/VG, ex-library with usual stamps, no pockets.
Meribah is a little girl who loves Laura Ingalls' books and one day with her family she goes on a holiday adventure to find the real places where Laura lived.
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Laura's daughter




by Roger Lea MacBride
illustrated by David Gilleece

Roger Lea MacBride knew Rose well and had access to her papers, so the content of these stories is reasonably authentic.

#1 Little House on Rocky Ridge
Laura, Almanzo and young daughter Rose travel to Mansfield, Missouri to settle on Rock Ridge farm. They face hard times, with no money, little to eat, and rough land to tame.

#2 Little Farm in the Ozarks:
Rose's adventures as a farm girl with poor friend Swiney and wealthy town friend Blanche.

#3 In the Land of the Big Red Apple:
1896-1896, times improve for the family

#4 On the Other Side of the Hill:
Hard times come again for Wilders, but they persevere

#5 Little Town in the Ozarks:
The family moves to town in a house by the railroad tracks

#6 New Dawn on Rocky Ridge
Best of the series for the touching scene in DeSmet of Laura going to her Pa's deathbed

#7 On the Banks of the Bayou:
Laura may not have liked Almanzo's sister Eliza Jane, but Rose does and goes to Louisiana to live with Eliza Jane and attend high school

#8 Bachelor Girl:
Rose is grown and moves to San Francisco, working as a telegrapher. She meets her future husband.

Laura's mother



by Maria D. Wilkes & Celia Wilkins
illustrations by Dan Andreasen

These are the tales of Laura's mother growing up in the wilds of Wisconsin. Apparently based on stories told in family letters, the books are based in reality but individual events are heavily fictionalized

#1 Little House in Brookfield:
Caroline Quiner, who will be Laura Ingalls Wilder's mother, is a young girl in the woods of Brookfield, Wisconsin. Her father has died at sea and the family is left penniless, struggling to survive.

#2 Little Town at the Crossroads:
The town of Brookfield grows, as does Caroline.

#3 Little Clearing in the Woods
Caroline and family leave Brookfield for Concord, Wisconsin and meet her future step-father.

$4 On Top of Concord Hill - unavailable at any price!
A cholera epidemic strikes the state

#5 Across the Rolling River:
Caroline meets Charles Ingalls, who is destined to be her husband and Laura's father

#6 Little City by the Lake
15-year-old Caroline leaves home to travel to her aunt's and uncle's home in Milwaukee.

#7 A Little House of Their Own

Caroline is earning her own way as a teacher and meets Charles Ingalls again

Laura's grand-mother




by Melissa Wiley
illustrated by Dan Andreasen

photographic covers have been abridged for "modern" readers - contain less pages.

#1 Little House by Boston Bay:
Charlotte Tucker, who becomes Laura Ingalls Wilder's grandmother (we first met her in "Little House in the Big Woods", and again in the Caroline series), is born in 1809.

#2 On Tide Mill Lane
Charlotte's girlhood life during the War of 1812.

#3 The Road from Roxbury
Charlotte at the end of the War of 1812.

#4 Across the Puddingstone Dam
A new dam connecting Roxbury and Boston turns Tide Mill Lane into a noisy, messy construction site, and Charlotte's parent worry about what this will mean for their family.




by Melissa Wiley
illustrated by Renée Graef

photographic covers have been abridged for "modern" readers - contain less pages.

#1 Little House in the Highlands
Martha Morse, Laura's great-grandmother as a girl in Scotland in the 1780s

#2 The Far Side of the Loch
Martha's life in Scotland at age 7.

#3 Down to the Bonny Glen
Martha and her governesses.

#4 Beyond the Heather Hills
Martha travels to the Scottish city of Perth.