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The Brown and The Blue
Mallory and Jazz, two Burmese kittens
chapter 1: Mallory Alone


I'm Mallory, a brown Burmese born 26th November 2015, and I'm going to live with Helen and David at the beach.

My niece, Jazz - a blue Burmese, is coming when she is big enough so I've got 6 weeks to enjoy being an only.



There are nine cat beds for me to try out and I'm going green - I like the green felted pod for daytime napping and playing in and the green heated cave for night.
Helen is pleased I don't want to sleep in her bed - yet.
(I'm keeping my options open.)








This isn't meant for cats but it's quite comfortable anyway.



I get a chicky stick to play with each morning.

It takes about 10 minutes to chase it around and subdue it and then I eat it.

She says I'm a "stomach on legs". What can she mean?

The food is good here: David brings me fish fresh from the sea which she poaches and mixes with vegetables. I leave the vegies till last but I eat them.







They've given me a climbing tower in the Lookout Room: I knew it was for me the minute I saw it and I was up in a flash. It took me a few days to master the ladder but now I can even jump from the top onto the cat walk and run right round the room.
There are kitty caves on top of the cupboard from which I can survey the beach.




Barbara brought me a mouse.

It's red and just the right size to carry around.









I've been outside with them several times but it's a scarey world out there and I haven't done much.

But today I had a good exploration of this marvellous new playground they've built for me (and Jazz ...)



I suppose they are still working on the sandpit.

Here's a hollow log that's fun to walk through.





Look at this!

It's a climbing tree!



And I'm up it immediately. My Mum would be proud.

I went right out on a limb and then I discovered the shelves.




A different sort of tree, with rough bark that's easy to get your claws into.






My steps up to the top of the cupboard are having pictures installed.


I'm supervising to make sure they are straight.





New ferns are arriving into my adventure playground.

They're not good to eat but they are good to hide in.



My job is to watch the toast.



And then I play in the wrappers the bread came in:








I went to the vet today for my third injection.
He's a nice man called Tristram and I bit his watch.
That will teach him not to take my temperature!


I've grown since I came here: I now weigh 1.945Kg.
Must be all the fish.




David has been building more cat walks in Willowood - that's the name of my cat enclosure. I can go 270' around the whole space, up in the air.

She has planted Big Red geraniums where the wallbies won't be able to eat the flowerheads off.


Best of all he has made crows nest boxes for me to sit in up high and watch the birds go by.





And there's a porthole with a viewing shelf which is also a step on the way to the roof of the bush house.


Sagittarius 22 November - 21 December

An enthusiastic cat, Sagittarian cats often act before they think.
Sometimes they appear clumsy because of this over-zealous approach to life.
They are enthusiastic about most things but especially their food. Don't be late with their dinner or you'll never hear the end of it.
The Sagittarius cat loves human attention but does not like being picked up and cuddled. They get on well with children.

Favourite Food: prefer meat to fish but like a change often
Best Attribute: they make you laugh
Worst Attribute: not very graceful


Mallory to a T!

- except that she does occasionally tolerate a cuddle, seen here with Hannah.



The story continues

Chapter 2: The Advent of Jazz