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The Brown and The Blue
Mallory and Jazz, two Burmese kittens (Chapter 1 is here)
Chapter 2: The Advent of Jazz


I'm Jazz, a blue Burmese born 28th December 2015, and I'm going to live with Helen and David and Mallory at the beach.

This is me when I was only 6 weeks old and still with my breeder, Jill.

They came to collect Mallory but I was too busy chasing my tail to get acquainted.





Now it's Easter Saturday 2016 and I'm big enough to leave home and go with David who has been fishing at Coffin Bay.

I explored downstairs in the new house at Cape Douglas thoroughly - but I could smell the presence of another cat.




Then Mallory came in from Outside.


She wasn't pleased to see me.


I spent the evening running away to avoid being beaten up.


Doesn't she know she's my auntie?








Next day Mallory went for a drive with David and I explored upstairs.


I can climb the cat tree nearly to the top!









I'm trying to be friends.



When Mallory came Inside after being Out all afternoon, I gave her a big lick on the nose - and she melted.

Now we are friends.

The 24-hour war is over.


Here we are having dinner together.






And here we are sleeping together.




Mallory has a box tower she likes to climb in.
This is a YouTube video of her and her purple mouse:

This is what happened when I (blue kitten) climbed the box tower:


(but we are still friends)



Outside is BIG and Very Exciting.
Mallory will look after me.





We were tired after exploring Willowood so we had a nice sleep
in Outside's kitty cave.


Look at me...

I'm the King of the Castle!



There are times when it's nice to be inside having a solitary sleep.




I can climb really high now - no problems.

Except this time when Mallory couldn't help me because I went too high.

So I solved it myself by making a huuuuge leap on to the catwalk.


It's fun down low too.
I found a lizard but it kept escaping -

even Mallory couldn't catch it.



Who knocked over the laundry basket?

Not me.
Not me.






Hannah came to visit us.

She's very good at cuddles.






I had a sniffle so She took me to see vet Anna.
Mallory came along for the ride and we behaved beautifully.
I'm on antibiotic drops and I'm much better, thank you.

This is a peculiar object, hanging in Outside.
I suppose it's a toy.


They keep giving us toys

but the best plaything is Mallory.



We fight and run and jump and climb anywhere
- on the ground or up in the trees.

Then when we need a break we retreat to our crowsnests.




Who knocked over the breakfast tray
and broke Her favourite mug?

Not me.
Not me.

Butter wouldn't melt in our mouths.



I had another trip to the vet for my third injection.

This time I saw Dr Chelsea.



Mallory and I are getting used to trips to see the vet.
Verity admired our calmness.





Millions of moths!



Let me at them!




We went exploring in the old fireplace.

Not a good idea - it's dirty and rusty.


It's pretty good, soaking up some rays.

I'm trying to get rid of this pesky magpie
while Mallory prowls the catwalk.

I an busy doing housework, like cleaning the shower screen
- while Mallory sits and watches.

I saw this on the internet...
She thought it was funny
and it reminded her of Monty.


Jazz: Capricorn 22 December - 19 January

Capricorn cats can be somewhat reserved. Unruffled and serene describes them well. To people who don't know them well they can seem callous and calculating but beneath this veneer is a cat with a heart of gold.
Capricorn cats are a strong cat, not easily intimidated and they seem to get on better with men rather than women.
They tolerate children but do not seek them out.

Favourite Food: Not fussy, may enjoy your leftovers occasionally
Best Attribute: calm and quiet
Worst Attribute: A bit snobby



Mallory takes up the story in Chapter 3

Keeping Warm