......stories that endure......


The Brown and The Blue
Mallory and Jazz, two Burmese cats (Chapter 2 is here)
chapter 4: Keeping Warm

I'm Mallory and I've adopted Jazz.
It's a responsibility, looking after children.

I just turn my back on Jazz for a moment and there she is trying to launch herself downstairs.




I've had a few complaints that I take up too much space in the bed

but now that the autumn nights are cooler
a girl has to find the warmth

- and it's next to my humans.

Jazz likes David's legs.



This is a really good game.
You get the paper from the little room upstairs and roll it down the stairs into the living room. I love it but Jazz prefers to snack on their persimmon.







I'm working on the laundry basket.
Very soon I'll break through.







We were sleeping in our heated basket near the TV when I heard an owl.

It seemed to come from the TV but I couldn't find it.





Daisy came for a sleepover while David was away.

We felt it was our duty to try and keep her warm.

She likes us.


Jazz has discovered we have drawers to climb in and get behind - many things for a cat to do.









But it's just for fun...


We are good friends really





Don't go to Robe and leave us alone.
I'll sit here so you have to take us with you.



Well actually - we had a good time.
Hannah came to stay with us and then Alison and Christopher.
They spoiled us.



Can Jazz reach this bird?


Not quite...


Jazz managed to get higher than me -
but only because she went via a shoulder.








Oh no!

Where did they get this book from?

We have to make sure they don't read it.


They went away to Queensland for a week and we had to go to boarding kennels.
It was OK - but nice to be home.

They brought as a cat salad bowl for a present.
Jazz doesn't like salad.




I really wish she'd turn off the light and go to sleep so we can move into the bed.


In the morning we have to lie on top of Her to stop her getting up.



Sometimes we have lunch in our enclosure.
Ham and cheese sandwiches without bread
- very tasty!






I'm Top Cat.





I'm Top Cat today!






The slightest shaft of sunlight -

and we're in it.






I've done my best on the laundry basket.