......stories that endure......


The Brown and The Blue
Mallory and Jazz, two Burmese kittens (Chapter 3 is here)
chapter 4: Spring and Summer

Jazz's turn






They went to America FOREVER - I know, I counted.

When they left us at the boarding kennels I growled and didn't talk to anyone for two days but then I had to accept it.

When They came to pick us up - at last - I still didn't want to talk but Mallory was pathetically pleased to see Them.




It's wonderful to be back home in our yard outside with my old friend the magpie and the stained glass glass cat.

The cat blew down in the big storms.



There's been two days of spring since we came home
and I enjoy soaking up the rays.






They brought us a present from America, a little grey mouse that runs away when you tap it.

Mallory likes playing with it more than I do.














We like to follow the Facebook site
Burmese Cats Rock.

Sometimes we're featured.

This video of Burmese kittens in Russia was captivating.







What's this strange creature in our private outside space?


He says it's a blue-tongue lizard and it's puffed itself up as a defence mechanism.
It's a sign that Spring has arrived.

Well, get it out of here is all I can say.

(Mallory is braver than I am)





Activity across the road!
Tom is building a garage on the vacant block.




It was Mallory's first birthday on 26th November
and They gave her a Catit feeder.

I had to show her how to use it and we are both enthusiastic about it.










I still like to be Top Cat in the wardrobe -

but occasionally it looks more fun where Mallory is so I have to come down to her level.









I do share the heated basket with Mallory

but it is especially nice to stretch out occasionally and have a really good sleep.












I LOVE spaghetti.


However sometimes They don't offer me any and I have to help myself.











I'm Top Cat again!

I've caught a craycat in my pot for Christmas






That blue-tongue lizard is back.



My humans say these photos show the difference between me and Mallory:
she puts out her paw to touch and I just look.





They decorated our tree for Christmas


I got a tent for my birthday.
Wish they'd let me have a camp-out in it.


For a special birthday treat
I was allowed to lick the remnants of crayfish casserole.


Sometimes I'm the pillow

Sometimes it's Mallory.
We take it in turns.





We both agree Her bed is the best place for a nap.



We both like to climb - inside upstairs on our tower or
outside on these nice new steps.
We can go all the way around our yard without touching ground.




The builder has been busy:
he made me a hole to explore.

They've changed our house, given it a new roof and -
CUSHIONS! - really like the cushions.


Here's an echidna drinking out of our pot plant.
I'm not allowed out to investigate.


She likes to sit in our house to read and sharpen her claws.
I am fascinated by emery boards.



Mallory likes to sit in the towels in the bathroom while She showers.



Blue, blue my world is blue.



My favourite place to sleep is on a bed - any bed.

My favourite thing is to have Hannah come visit:
she catches my fleas and gives me lovely strokes in just the right place.



My favourite TV is anything with David Attenborough, like Planet Earth 2.



We get into the wardrobes whenever we can.
Sometimes the door shuts and They can't find us

We had fun playing with this skink.







She thought we might like to go for a walk in harnesses
so He took us for a drag on the beach deck.

It was dreadful!

And to add insult to injury She put the photo on Facebook
where it had 230 likes and 56 comments.
People laughed!



We were a bit braver the next day.