......stories that endure......


The Brown and The Blue
Mallory and Jazz, two Burmese cats (Chapter 4 is here)
chapter 5: Our Second Year



I'm Mallory, the brown one.

Jazz and I know what a suitcase means - DON'T GO!

They went off to Singapore with the rest of the family
and left us at home with Di.

We had a lovely time -

can Di come again?



Jazz is trying to get the seagull




We've had to work hard at staying warm
this winter







The ferns and begonias are growing well
in our outside enclosure.

They have installed lights so we can have a party.



The best party is when They let us go on
the beach deck.

Of course we have to wear harnesses and leads
which is a nuisance.

Chris took this photo of me in front of the deck
on a very hot night.





We love it when Hannah comes.

She knows what we like.





What are you doing outside, Dad?








Where's that mouse?
I'm sure it's under here somewhere...